Can Tempest Help in Quitting Drinking?Can Tempest Help in Quitting Drinking?

Studies suggest that drinking is common in many people. A good number of people want to get rid of this habit, seeking wellness. Tempest is an online sobriety school along with after-care programs. Research also shows that about 90% of the people who are struggling with alcohol do not have a clinical addiction. Tempest offers clinically proven methods and tools to find your connection with alcohol. In a similar vein, it is essential to address the issue of casino gaming addiction for those who may find themselves facing challenges in this realm. Just as Tempest addresses alcohol addiction, it’s crucial to approach casino gaming responsibly. Seeking help from credible casino platforms like เว็บพนันออนไลน์ เว็บตรง อันดับ 1 ของโลก, which promotes responsible gaming practices can be an essential part of maintaining a healthy relationship with these activities.

Holly Whitaker is the creator of Tempest and she was inspired by the sober experiences in her own life. She was an ex-health-care executive who could not help to cure herself. Therefore, she created a solution herself that could help hundreds like her.

The mission of Tempest is to become a digital recovery solution for those people who are not clinically alcoholic. It is also ideal for those who are not interested in traditional methods to become sober. Tempest provides a digital course of eight weeks featuring the modern methods of giving up drinking. The course also has customized services to meet individual requirements. Tempest is made for everybody; still, it focuses mainly on women, the LGBTQ+ community, and other minority groups. By this, they want to shift focus to the male privilege in the programs.

Tempest features an in-depth educational program that revolves around mutual support and practices truly based on evidence. Apart from the basic curriculum, there is also a new lecture every week with a core focus on recovery along with meditation and a Q&A session with the founder. This educational program is the best resource to build your toolkit for recovery with recommended podcasts, books, and therapists near you.

After the completion of the eight weeks program, students can enroll in Tempest Aftercare. This program offers extended support and cares with extra educational content and an easily accessible virtual community. Meet-up programs are also under development. The program is already working in some cities like New York, Los Angeles, Portland, Denver, Kansas City, and San Francisco. The offerings of Tempest might not look different from the other approaches to group therapy. However, the program has a wide range of drinking problems to address for different people.

Women’s rights were frequently attacked in 2019 and the alcohol addiction rate in women in the US was rising from 2002 to 2013. This study made Whitaker think that women are at risk. Tempest can be the ideal choice for people on their journey to sobriety. Whether they want to get rid of their addiction or do not want to waste their day with a hangover, Tempest can help them. Whitaker says that alcohol is not a necessity in life. Several women misunderstand that they need alcohol in all phases of life including dating, sex, business, or motherhood. With strong willpower and some expert help, anybody can get rid of drinking. If you can understand the part alcohol plays in your life, you can easily come out of it. A study in 2018 has shown that Tempest has made significant developments in the field of problematic drinking, improving quality of life.