Tempest Sobriety School Accountability Coaching


Our coaching program focuses on brief (25-30 minute), goal-setting oriented sessions during sobriety school to help students make small, sustainable changes that support them on their sobriety journey. Coaches serve as accountability partners and sounding boards to help work students work through barriers to their success.


What is the Tempest accountability coaching program all about?

This program offers another layer of personal support beyond the Facebook group and smaller processing sessions called Labs (you'll learn more about these later). We will pair you with a Tempest accountability coach and you will meet, 1:1 via Zoom (video chat), for six, 25 minute sessions over the course of the 8-week program. During these meetings, your coach will help you to establish goals related to your journey within TSS and help you stay accountable to those goals.

What is included in accountability coaching?

  • First,  you will be asked to fill out an Accountability Coaching Questionnaire that will help your coach get to know you and understand your goals for your time in Tempest Sobriety School. This questionnaire will take anywhere from 30 - 45 minutes to complete. It is extremely important that you answer all questions thoroughly. You and your coach will discuss your answers during your first meeting. and use them to develop a road map to work on during the rest of your sessions.

  • Second,  you will schedule a total of six weekly meetings with your accountability coach that will last about 25-30 minutes.  This comes to about three hours of coaching time over the course of the school - a value of over $450.

  • Third, at the end of your coaching sessions, you will be asked to complete a 10-15 minute survey about your experience. This will allow you to reflect on what you’ve learned - and give us valuable feedback on how we can continue to improve.

What can I expect from my coach?

You can expect your coach to be present and available during your session. You can expect your coach to work with you to set reasonable/attainable goals, to hold you accountable for meeting those goals and to work with you to make adjustments if things aren't progressing in a way that you feel good about. You can expect your coach to be encouraging and kind, we aren't here to make you "drop and give me 20" if you're having a rough time. We are here to hold space for you to make positive changes in a way that feels good to you.

What Tempest Sobriety Coaching is not.

It is not therapy , nor is it a substitute for therapy. Our coaches are trained, but they are trained as coaches and not therapists. This article can help clarify the difference. Our coaches are primarily here to help you determine what goals are most important to you and serve as an accountability partner as you work toward those goals.

It is not daily support. Your coach will be available to you during scheduled sessions but will not be offering text or email support in between sessions.

You still have to do the work yourself. Your coach is here to encourage you and support you but they cannot do this thing for you. You have to commit to the work. Your journey is ultimately your responsibility.

Getting to know Our Coaches


Andrea Stansberry

Hi, I'm Andrea. You can “meet” me via my introductory video (only accessible after purchase), but the very short version is that I found Tempest Sobriety School in the Spring of 2016, while sitting at my computer researching “Do I have a drinking problem?”

I signed up for the Fall 2017 Sobriety School and that’s when I realized my new life path (sobriety) led me to a new life purpose (coaching.) I couldn’t get enough of the lectures and Q&A calls! So, I took the next school and the next school after that! I not only wanted to learn everything I could about addiction and recovery, but I also wanted to help other people achieve their own goals in sobriety. Currently, I am both serving Tempest Sobriety School students in the capacity of accountability coach, and I have my own private practice where I work 1:1 as as sobriety coach.


Whitney Combs

Hi, I'm Whitney. You can "meet" me via my introductory video (only accessible after purchase), but the very short version is that I had an extremely dysfunctional relationship with alcohol that escalated wildly after my last baby was born. I found myself in a terribly helpless and hopeless place in the fall of 2016. I searched for solutions online and stumbled on Tempest Sobriety. I took the Winter 2017 school as a student and had my last drink on January 1, 2017. I fell in love with this program, came back for a couple schools in a supportive capacity and  started working here full time in December of 2017. My background is in healthcare and graduate medical education. And, as I prepared to come on board with Tempest, I completed a health coaching certification. My hope is that all of these things come together in a way that helps me to support you on this journey.