10 Guiding Principles
TO quit Alcohol


A lot of us believe that alcohol is the key to relieving stress, fitting in, finding friends, and enjoying ourselves. We also fear that sobriety is a life sentence — that quitting drinking means living a life of depravation and struggle.

In a 50-minute live webinar, our founder and lead instructor Holly Whitaker shows that sobriety doesn’t have to be some sort of grim life sentence. Instead, quitting alcohol can be an invitation to a holistic process of self-nurture and discovery.

To reframe your beliefs about what it means to live a life without alcohol, Holly introduces 10 guiding principles to quit drinking. Adopting these principles can transform your experience of recovery from a slog or a punishment to one of life’s greatest adventures.


The webinar

Holly will deliver her “10 Principles ” webinar on October 15th at 8 PM ET. You can watch the live stream below.

The replay will be available on this site for one week after the live event.