Getting started with the Sobriety School Platform

The best way to get to know the Sobriety School platform is to use it, so feel free to dive right in and click around and explore (we promise you won't break anything!). However, if you’re looking for a little bit more of a structured approach, take a look at the walkthrough below. 

There are 3 ways to use this walkthrough. If you would like: 

  1. A thorough, step-by-step review of the platform, watch the entire video (time commitment: less than 15 minutes) 

  2. A quick overview of the big stuff, skip ahead to 11:30 for "The Lightning Round" (time commitment: less than 3 minutes) 

  3. A detailed look at a certain topic (like how to change your password or find a course), scroll down to the “Topics” section below the video and skip ahead to the topic of your choice.

Still have questions after watching? 



Getting Started 

00:00 - Introduction 

00:37 - Login, Home Page, and 2 Important Icons 

The Resource Center

01:27 - Resource Center introduction

01:49 - The Resource Center, Section 1: How the School Works 

02:39 - The Resource Center, Section 2: Community Resources 

02:58 - The Resource Center, Section 3: School Resources

03:07 - Orientation Live Stream

03:31 - Sobriety School FAQs

04:19 - Recommended Booklist

04:35 - How to buy a recommended book on Amazon 

04:43 - How to find a recommended book at your public library

Your Account

05:04 - Account introduction 

05:28 - How to change your email and password 

06:09 - How to logout of your Tempest account

The Home Page

06:29 - Home page introduction

06:39 - The Home Page, Section 1: Welcome & Questionnaire

07:07 - The Home Page, Section 2: How to do this school & The Resource Center

07:23 - The Home Page, Section 3: The Weekly Lessons 

07:38 - The Weekly Lessons: Introduction and What We’ll Cover 

07:51 - The Weekly Lessons:  Launch Week and Live Q&A buttons

The Weekly Lessons

08:05 - Weekly lesson introduction

08:32 - How to access the course library home page 

09:03 - How to access your courses (two ways) 

09:57 - How to launch a course

10:10 - How to navigate a course 

10:39 - How to get back to the Sobriety School home page

11:30 Lightning Round: A 3-Minute Platform Overview

14:10 Final Thoughts