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Tempest Sobriety School Aftercare Experience (AC.E.)

The time you've spent in Tempest Sobriety School has hopefully been some of the most beautiful, challenging, and exciting weeks of your life. You’ve learned new information that’s starting to help you change deep-seated beliefs and habits that may have felt comfortable but that no longer serve you. You’ve tried on new perspectives, practiced new ways to cope, and met some people here who have helped you along this new path. 

The bond created between students at Tempest is special and transformative, and we want to make sure you’re able to keep in touch long after these eight weeks are over. In AC.E. (the Tempest Aftercare Experience), you’ll have just that: ongoing support from fellow students, content to support your path, and guidance from teachers who have been through the program.

We know growth can be a challenge— but you’re not alone. 



“AC.E. is a chance to continue learning and growing, and to stay immersed in a strong, supportive alcohol-free culture. I love it. I'm in month nine of AC.E. and still learning new things about myself every day.”

— Trish, Tempest AC.E. Member



Within AC.E. you can:

  • Stay accountable with weekly group processing calls and expanding opportunities for community- and topic-specific calls

  • Explore topics beyond the course material with new mantras, meditations, and spaces for reflection

  • Connect with other Tempest Sobriety School alumni to extend your community

  • Stay informed and inspired with monthly Q&A calls and community Town Halls

  • Go deeper into the material we learned together in Tempest Sobriety School, letting it build with you as you work towards your post-school goals



AC.E. is available for an annual rate of $127.