Important Stuff.

Dates, downloads, & more.

A list of items to get you started.

Add to your calendar.

Join the Community.
Tuesday, June 11th, 12 PM EST.

Live Orientation
Thursday, June 13th. 8 PM EST.

Live Instructor Q&As
Weekly, Thursdays at 8 PM EST. See the calendar here for date changes.

Weekly lecture available
Sundays, 12 PM EST.

Get a head start.

Visit the course meditation library.
We’ll work through these later in the school, but you can check them out now to get a head start.

Go shopping.

Pick Up a Journal.
You will be doing some journaling practices, and it’s nice to keep your notes for class in one place.

Get Post-it Notes.
Post-it Notes are your new bff. Get them, write things you want to remember on them, stick them in places you’ll see them.

Supplement the course with a book.
We recommend supplementing the course with one of the books listed on the booklist here.


How It Works.

Weekly Lessons. 

Released every Sunday at 12 PM EST throughout the eight weeks of the school.

Each week, we release six to eight videos led by Holly that address multiple aspects of a specific topic in recovery. These sessions are pre-recorded and accompanied by a workbook and weekly assignments. We also host videos to highlight the ideas and experiences of program TAs and coaches. Total lesson content runs for about 75-90 minutes per week.

There are plenty of opportunities to ask questions. If you have questions about the lesson, you can submit them on an ongoing basis (use the Question button below each video) or you can take them to your TA-led Lab or Facebook group for peer support. The live Q&As with Holly and our other instructors will be mostly on Thursdays at 8 PM EST, where you can ask with your voice or by chat (please see your school calendar for date changes).


Live Q&A.

Live Q&As with Holly and our other instructors take place on Thursdays, 8 - 9:30 PM EST, via Zoom (a video conferencing platform). These calls run for 60-90 minutes, depending on how many questions are asked.

There’s no agenda, just group connection time and answering questions. You can ask questions live with your voice by raising your hand (a button you can press in Zoom) or you can ask questions live by typing them directly to a TA during the call (using the Zoom chat feature). You can also submit questions in advance by using this form. We encourage you to join as many calls as you want, even if just to listen in.

During Week 4 we’ll be joined by Vimalasara Mason-John (to answer your questions about meditation); during Week 5, Mary Vance, Nutritional Consultant, will join us to answer questions about nutrition; and during Week 7, Kim Kokoska, LMFT, will join us to answer questions about recovering from trauma and finding/using a therapist in recovery.


Mantra Emails.

Each day at 3 AM EST, Holly will send you an email with a mantra in it for you to repeat throughout the day and a bit of a love note to you. This is where a lot of the magic happens. You simply open your email, repeat some words to yourself in the morning, and then, throughout the day, repeat the words again. This small, subtle shift in thinking once or twice a day leads to very big things. It is an active reconditioning of your subconscious over 60 days to empower you as you move through the school. 


Practice & Rituals.

The idea is to create a life practice so that you are incorporating these elements into your morning, day, and evening in a way that actually suits your life.

This is the meat of it. Each day, we will practice a short morning ritual (a daily practice that will involve some sort of reading, affirmation, meditation, and, as we progress, other practices such as yoga posture, chanting, breath exercises) and evening rituals. We will also incorporate timeouts in our day to repeat affirmations, to manage our energy through meditation and breath, and incorporate other tools. This is progressive, meaning we will start small and build. This is also not a task. This is simply shifting our way of being, subtly.



Each week we will be given certain practices and assignments.

This will include reading, doing a specific journaling or writing, watching a video, going to a yoga class or doing one at home, trying out a new breath technique, etc. It will vary from week to week.


The Private Facebook Group.

Our Facebook group is a safe and powerful center where we can learn about and support each other as we go through our program.

If you choose to join a group, many of our students enjoy spending a small amount of time per week reading other people’s posts and commenting with compassion, love, and encouragement. Many also benefit from contributing so others can connect with you. This can be the best part of this whole experience and the group often lives on well beyond the eight weeks.

Within your Tempest Sobriety School Private Facebook Groups, you can post questions for your cohort to address and discuss progress, the course materials, any special challenges or learnings, post uplifting pictures, videos, and stories to support each other, and also to call attention to the successes you are having.

Also: if you are totally not into it, you do not have to use it. There are other ways of connecting with people in the course, either by joining the labs or joining the Q&A. 



Lab sessions are structured, hour-long video calls on Zoom, and are meant to give you an additional (and optional) opportunity to form community.

In these calls we'll come together, do introductions, ask and answer questions, share and process (as much or as little as we want), review the homework and the week's lecture, and ask for support if we need it. These sessions are meant to add another layer of intimacy, support, and connection.

We want to be clear that this isn't a required part of the course (nothing is really required), but it is a valuable offering and one of the best ways to connect in this program (and even severe introverts will benefit from joining).



Getting started with the Sobriety School Platform

The best way to get to know the Sobriety School platform is to use it, so feel free to dive right in, click around, and explore (we promise you won't break anything!).

However, if you’re looking for a little bit more of a structured approach, take a look at one (or all) of our video walkthroughs below. 

There are 2 ways to use these walkthroughs. If you would like: 

  1. A thorough, step-by-step review of the platform, watch all of the videos in order (time commitment: less than 15 minutes) 

  2. A detailed look at a specific topic, just skip ahead to the one you want to watch (time commitment: 1-3 minutes per video)

If you still have questions after watching, feel free to:

  1. The Dashboard, Part I: The Questionnaire

2. The Dashboard, Part II: The Resource Center

3. The School Calendar

4. The Orientation Live Stream

5. How to Change Your Password