Join the Community

Our secret Facebook group is one of the best parts of the school. If you have hang ups about it, click here. Otherwise, sign up below. (And don’t forget to watch the Community Guidelines video before you post.)

In order to join the secret Facebook group, we’ll need to send you an email invite. If you haven’t completed the entry questionnaire, you will not receive one. Invites are sent 48 hours before school begins, so don’t worry if you don’t receive it right away.

To complete the questionnaire, just click on the “Get Your Invite” button below to return to your school dashboard. Once you’re logged into the school platform, the “Take the Questionnaire” button is the first thing on the dashboard. Click on that, and you’ll be set.

Haven’t received your invite?

The email will have been sent to the address which you used to register for Tempest. If you haven’t received it, first check your junk mail, and if it’s not there please email

Don’t have a Facebook account or prefer not to join?

That’s cool, you can always join later. If you could let us know why, it will help shape our community in the future.