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Throughout the course, your daily mantra emails will be posted here (in addition to landing in your inbox).

Day 1 - I am willing to start before I’m ready.

Day 2 - I trust the evolution of my life.

Day 3 - My challenges are my greatest learning devices.

Day 4 - I am exactly where I’m supposed to be.

Day 5 - Today I commit to speaking kindly and compassionately to myself.

Day 6 - There is nothing wrong with me.

Day 7 - I honor my path and everything that has brought me to today.

Day 8 - I am proud of the work I’ve done.

Day 9 - Today I give myself a break.

Day 10 - I can do hard things.

Day 11 - Just. Keep. Going.

Day 12 - Gratitude is my attitude today.

Day 13 - I see the magic in this moment.

Day 14 - I am patient and I trust this process.

Day 15 - I bless the thing that broke me.

Day 16 - I am willing to change my story.

Day 17 - Today I give myself a break.

Day 18 - I am proud of the work I’ve done.

Day 19 - There are no mistakes.

Day 20 - I trust that things are working out for my highest good.

Day 21 - I decide how my story ends.

Day 22 - These are the days that must happen to me.

Day 23 - I show up during the during.

Day 24 - I am a fierce motherfucker.

Day 25 - I am responsible for the world I see.

Day 26 - I accept this process I am going through. I allow myself to be exactly where I am.

Day 27 - I let go of what is no longer serving me and make room for what is on the way. I stand brave in this empty space.

Day 28 - I make time to meditate.

Day 29 - I know I am being guided.

Day 30 - Today I give myself a break.

Day 31 - I am allowed to say no.

Day 32 - I create the rules I live by.

Day 33 - I can start anew. Again and again. Every moment of my life.

Day 34 - I am learning to stay with myself.

Day 35 - I am grateful for the pain.

Day 36 - I am already redeemed.

Day 37 - I AM doing it. (And this is what IT looks like.)

Day 38 - I walk through fire to save my life.

Day 39 - I am allowed to be angry.

Day 40 - I trust that every relationship is a perfect assignment.

Day 41 - What other people think about me is none of my business.

Day 42 - I am not here to judge other people’s process. I am driving my own bus.

Day 43 - I am allowed to change.

Day 44 - How I recover is no one else’s business.

Day 45 - I am willing to step away from people and situations that do not support my path.

Day 46 - no mantra

Day 47 - I am perfect as I am.

Day 48 - I am fearlessly and unapologetically my most authentic self.

Day 49 - My beauty is made in the fire.

Day 50 - Something inside of me knows how to do this.

Day 51 - Today I give myself a break.

Day 52 - I prioritize the things that make me come alive.

Day 53 - I am worth it.

Day 54 - I am willing to sacrifice who I am for what I could become.

Day 55 - I celebrate myself, and sing myself.

Day 56 - By shining my own light I give others the permission to do the same.

Day 57 - I am unstoppable.

Day 58 - I am a teacher.