Questions? You’ve come to the right place.

This FAQ is a resource we've pulled together based on previous students’ frequently asked questions. If you don't see your question addressed below, please reach out at  

How do I find Holly’s Spotify playlists?

  1. The Kundalini playlist is here.

  2. The home spa playlist is here.

I haven’t received an invite to the Secret Facebook Group yet. How can I join?

First things first: make sure you complete the Welcome Survey so we can capture the email address associated with your Facebook account.

If you’ve completed the Welcome Survey and still haven’t received your invitation, make sure to check your spam and promotional folders as the invite can often be flagged as either. 

Still haven’t received it? Email us.

If you're interested in joining under an anonymous account, there are instructions to help you below! Once you've created your anonymous account, make sure to complete the survey with that info or email the team at

How private is the Facebook Group?

Secret Facebook Groups (SFGs) are closed groups created by an administrator, in this case Tempest, where you have to be invited in order to find and participate in the group.

The following additional privacy settings also apply:

  1. The group’s name is only visible to current and former members — it's not searchable.

  2. Only those who are in the group can see who is an active member in the group.

  3. Only current active members can see what you post or what others post within the group.

  4. Anything that shows up in your newsfeed is only visible to you. These posts are notifications for you; they are not public to your friends and family.

See below for how to manage notifications.

How do I create an anonymous Facebook account?

If you would like to join the Facebook community anonymously, you can do so by creating a new Facebook account under a pseudonym or nickname. 


  • Email address. If you already have a Facebook account it will need to be a different email than the one you already use.

  • Name of choice. A word of caution: Facebook will occasionally shut down accounts under false names. This is meant to be a protective measure to save their users from being scammed. However, it does come as an inconvenience for our purposes. We recommend you do not choose the name of a fictional character from a movie or a book. It’s best to go with a nickname and your middle name if you can.


  1. If you don’t have a second email already, you’ll need to create one. Feel free to use your preferred email server, e.g., Google, Yahoo.

  2. Once you have your new email you can sign up here on the Facebook home page. Follow their procedures for registration.

  3. Once you've created your new profile, make sure to email send us an email at with the email address associated with your account so she can invite you to the Secret Facebook Group.

I'm getting a lot of posts from TSS in my newsfeed. Can I turn this off?

Yes, you can manage the notifications you receive on your newsfeed within the group page itself. Follow the below steps:

  1. Open the TSS Secret Facebook Group.

  2. Look for the "Notifications" button on the Tempest School Banner.

  3. When you click Notifications, you'll see three options to manage posts:

    • Highlights. Notifications for suggested posts based on who you've friended on Facebook and posts you've commented on

    • Friend's posts. See notifications for posts from friends only

    • Off. You won't get notifications from members’ posts

  4. Go back to your Newsfeed and look for one of the posts from your fellow students. Look for the three dots in the upper right hand corner.

  5. Click here and choose to "Unfollow the Group." This will prevent further notifications from showing in your newsfeed, but allows you to be an active member with access to the page in your Groups menu (on the lefthand side of the screen).

Where do I access this week's LESSON, and when will it be available for me?

Each week's lesson will be posted on the course platform at Links to the new lesson will become active every Sunday at 12 PM EST, starting on Sunday, June 16th. If you have trouble logging into the course platform, please email us at

Please note! For Orientation, we will host a live video. The replay will be available on the course platform at 12 PM EST the day after the call.

You will also receive a reminder email with a link to the video one hour before the call.

I didn't receive my daily mantra?

If you did not receive a daily mantra or a reminder email, make sure to check your spam/promotions/junk folders first. Often, emails that include one or more links in them – e.g., to the web page, to our Group Coaching call, or an outside resource – will be flagged by major email providers as a promotional message.

If you still can't find your email after checking those folders, reach out to your Teaching Assistant via email. Please do not to flag us in the Facebook group for issues concerning email delivery.

How do I set up reminders on my iPhone to remember the daily mantra?

If you'd like to set daily mantra reminders on your phone:

  1. Launch the Reminders app from the home screen of your iPhone.

  2. Tap the plus sign on the upper righthand corner .

  3. Tap the notebook lines to enter your reminder (your daily mantra).

  4. Once you've typed your reminder, an "i" (in a circle) should appear on the righthand side. Tap the icon to open Details.

  5. In Details you can set the reminder day and time.

  6. Tap Done in the upper right hand corner.

  7. All done! You can tap on your reminder to view or change the specifics of your reminder.

How do I set up reminders on my Android to remember the daily mantra?

Android phones have a number of choices for reminders. The two favorites amongst previous students are "Life Reminders" and "Google Calendar." Both can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

How do I add the Q&As to my Google or Apple calendar?

You can add reminders to your calendar by enrolling in a session on the Tempest platform. These steps will become active on June 12th, when the community for Sobriety School opens.

  1. On June 12th or after, go to the course platform at Login with your password and click on the button “Live Q&A” next to any of the course descriptions. This button will take you to a course page for “June 2019 - Weekly Live Q&As.”

  2. On the “June 2019 - Weekly Live Q&As ” course page, you should be able to select the dark blue “Enroll” button.

  3. Once you click “Enroll,” you will see a dark blue button that says “Add to Calendar.” Click this button.

  4. The system will download an ICS [calendar] file, which you can open to add all of the sessions for the June school’s Q&As automatically to your Google or Apple calendar.

  5. These session reminders will also include the Q&A Zoom link and password.

  6. You can go back to this page at any time using the same button to find links to recordings of all the Q&As for the June school.

How do I join the Instructor Q&A?

We use a video conference software called Zoom for the weekly live Q&A. The software is free and you can download it automatically by visiting this page

We recommend taking the calls at your laptop or desktop, though Zoom does have an app that makes calling in from your mobile device easier (see instructions for this method below).

Once you've signed up for Zoom, you can join the call itself by taking one of the following steps:

  1. Click on the URL link that is provided in your reminder email, pinned to the Facebook group, or on your calendar reminders through the course platform’s “June 2019 — Weekly Live Q&As” signup.

  2. Copy the URL link and paste it into your browser's address bar.

  3. If you've downloaded the Zoom app beforehand (either the desktop app or mobile app), you can start the meeting from your Zoom app directly. Click on Join and then enter your scheduled meeting ID to start the meeting (this meeting ID is the 9-digit number provided to you in the email and at the end of the URL link).

  4. You will also need a password to join this room. The password for this school is tss1class.

Trouble launching Zoom? Read more here.

How do I join the Q&A from my phone or tablet?

If you are unable to join the call from your laptop or desktop, you can join using the Zoom app for either Android or iPhone.

Once you've downloaded the app on your phone, you can open the email on your mobile device, click the link, and the application should open on your phone. It will ask for the meeting password, which is tss1class.

How do I join anonymously? 

If you choose not to sign up for Zoom and simply launch the application on your desktop, it will prompt you to enter your name. You can enter any alias or pseudonym you choose! 

If you've downloaded Zoom on your desktop or mobile device beforehand, go to "My Account." The very first screen when you log in is your profile page. Here at the top of the page you can click "edit" to the far right of the screen and change you name and/or add a photo to your profile. 

I'm on the Q&A call. How do I ask THe instructor a question?

If you are at your computer, there will be 3 ways to voice your questions for Holly:

  1. Anonymously using this entry form

  2. Live by "raising your hand” in the Zoom application

    • To raise your hand, look for the menu bar at the bottom of your Zoom screen. Note, you may need to hover your mouse over the bottom of the video for this option to appear.

  3. Chat function within Zoom

    • Do not direct-message the Instructor. Instead, chat the facilitating TA directly and the TA will make sure the Instructor gets your question. 

    • Additionally, please try to limit your use of the chat function to “Everyone.” The notifications can be distracting to your fellow attendees. 

How do I use Spotify for the course?

Spotify is a free online music platform and/or monthly subscription service ($9.99/month for Premium membership). Spotify features allow you to play any track at any time, build playlists, and listen to music offline (Premium only).

Signing up for Spotify:

  1. To sign up for a Spotify account go to this link.

  2. You can either sign up with an existing Facebook account or with your email address.

  3. When you choose either option, you will be prompted to download Spotify to your computer. You do not have to do this! You can use the web app here.

Getting Spotify on your phone:

  1. Spotify is free to download on your mobile device. Using the app with a "Premium account" lets you sync music offline or stream on the go.

  2. Go to your app store (Google Play on Android) and install the Spotify app.

  3. Once installed, tap the Spotify app to access. You can search for specific artists or access "Your Music" by clicking the menu button in the upper left corner.

How do I ask questions?

  1. If you want to submit a question for this week’s Instructor Q&A, please fill out the form here.

  2. For any other questions or comments, we’d love to hear from you at