Tempest Split Payment Option - FAQs

What are split payments, and who is eligible?

Split payments break the cost of school into two payments, rather than having to pay the entire cost up front. The first payment is $323.50 and is due at-time of purchase. The second payment is $323.50 and is due during Week 4 of the school.

Anyone who applies to the school are eligible for split payments. Just ask us!

How do I set up split payments? 

Go through the usual flow of purchasing the school. At the final check-out stage, enter coupon code TSSTWOPAYMENTS in the discount box. This code will initiate the split payment set up, and you will immediately see the total cost at check-out cut by 50%. This means only half the cost of the school is due at this time. (The remaining cost will be due during Week 4 of the school.)

How is the second payment collected? And when?

At the end of Week 4 of school, you will receive an invoice for the second payment by email. You will then have 3 business days to make payment before you are auto-charged. Please keep an eye out for this email; it will be sent from ‪Tempest, Inc.‬

If the charge isn’t successful 7 business days after payment is due, it is considered past due. We will reach out at this point.

What are my options if I can’t make my second payment?

If you can’t pay, let us know. Email us.

If have not yet enrolled but are concerned about your ability to make your second payment, we encourage you to look at our equity scholarship to see if you are eligible. 

Here’s the thing: we offer split payments to make the course more possible for more people. Typically when companies do this they either charge interest or threaten to put you in collections if you don’t pay. We don’t do either of those things. Which is why, if you’re choosing to do split payments, it’s a good faith agreement that you’re entering into with us. If you find yourself in a situation where you can’t pay, email us and let’s talk.

What happens if I don’t pay?

If you don’t pay and don’t email us, our course of action is to disenroll you and then not offer you future services after 7 business days from the due date. Also know that if you initiate a chargeback with us, we can’t and won’t work with you. We don’t want to do this. We want to work with you! So please just email us and we’ll figure it out. In certain cases, we will make an exception to the 7 business day policy with appropriate documentation of circumstances.