The Opposite
of Addiction is Connection

Johan Hari famously said, “The opposite of addiction is connection,” and in his book Social Matthew Lieberman says “having a poor social network is literally as bad for your health as smoking two packs of cigarettes a day.” (Wha?). Either way, having a network is vital to recovery. People need people and this is a basic human need.

Meet our team below; they’re here to help facilitate the community and are focused on the most impactful ways to connect people with people.

DL, Teaching Assistant

DL is a Teaching Assistant and HSS Alum. They are a dork, a boundary aficionado, a powerful crybaby, and can be found listening to early 2000’s Emo music in their bright red Toyota Corolla. DL is a queer, gender-nonconforming, chronic pain babe of Germanic, Irish, and African descent. They are invigorated by fighting for a future that moves us away from destructive ways of relating to ourselves, others, and the world. They hope to assist students in breaking binaries & confronting old narratives as barriers to trusting their intuition, standing in their power, and accessing their joy.

Max, Lead Teaching Assistant

Max is a Teaching Assistant and HSS Alum. They are gender non-binary, queer, and survived both alcohol and academia. They are slowly coming to terms with their Scorpio and 4w3 enneagram combo. When not geocaching with their rescue pup Remington, they can be found collecting vinyl, playing video games, and discussing Twin Peaks theories. Despite their biggest fears, they’re still punk AF in sobriety and want to tell you all about it. 

Heidi, TA Manager (the Supporter’s Supporter)

Heidi is the TA Manager and an HSS alumni. She is the mother of two precocious nymphs who are her life's greatest teachers. She is a retired military medical technician turned sober warrior who believes that every moment of your path has led you exactly here-- and here is where you belong. When Heidi isn't crying at the drop of a hat (double water sign and all), she is diving into a book, dabbling in woo, or giving Mama Bear hugs. 


Sydney, Teaching Assistant

Syd is a Teaching Assistant and HSS alum. She did her first round in the Winter of 2018 and never looked back. She is a married mother of 2 who comes from the Health and Wellness industry. She is a teetotaler and nutrition nerd who embraces the holistic modality wholeheartedly. She believes strongly in individuals finding their truth without the mask of alcohol and other forms of escapism, and she is here to help you walk yourself home.

Lisa, Community Manager

Lisa is a Teaching Assistant and Hip Sobriety School alum, who completed her first school in Winter 2018. Her pronouns are she/her/hers. Lisa's background is in the healthcare and legal fields, where she specializes in case management. She is a proud queer teetotaler, who is passionate about helping students build connection while reclaiming their story. 



Christina is a Teaching Assistant and Sobriety School Alum. She dreams of healing multi-generational pain and substance use by showing up exactly as she is and where she is without the need to escape. She has spent the past 5 years fighting to be free from the need for alcohol, and has found her personal freedom by showing up over and over again and having what has felt like 5,000 day ones. She hopes to help create a safe space for others in Tempest Sobriety School to lean into their own desire to show up for life in a bigger way. She has two incredible children and a furry dog-child who all constantly remind and push her to be fully present and awake for the wonder of it all.