How It Works.

Weekly Lessons. 

Released every Sunday at 12 PM EST throughout the eight weeks of the school.

Each week, we release six to eight videos led by Holly that address multiple aspects of a specific topic in recovery. These sessions are pre-recorded and accompanied by a workbook and weekly assignments. We also host videos to highlight the ideas and experiences of program TAs and coaches. Total lesson content runs for about 75-90 minutes per week.

There are plenty of opportunities to ask questions. If you have questions about the lesson, you can submit them on an ongoing basis (use the Question button below each video) or you can take them to your TA-led Lab or Facebook group for peer support. The live Q&As with Holly and our other instructors will be mostly on Thursdays at 8 PM EST, where you can ask with your voice or by chat (please see your school calendar for date changes).