Important Stuff.

Dates, downloads, & more.

A list of items to get you started.

Add to your calendar.

November 19th, 12pm EST - Facebook Group Opens

November 21st, 8pm EST - School begins! Live Orientation

Live Instructor Q&As
Weekly, Wednesdays at 8 PM EST.

Weekly lecture available
Sundays, 12 PM EST.

Get a head start.

Visit the course meditation library.
We’ll work through these later in the school, but you can check them out now to get a head start.

Go shopping.

Pick Up a Journal.
You will be doing some journaling practices, and it’s nice to keep your notes for class in one place.

Get Post-it Notes.
Post-it notes are your new bff. Get them, write things you want to remember on them, stick them in places you’ll see them.

Supplement the course with a book.
We recommend supplementing the course with one of the books listed on the booklist here.