Our coaching program focuses on brief (25 minute), goal-setting oriented sessions during sobriety school to help students make small, sustainable changes that support them on their sobriety journey. Coaches serve as accountability partners and sounding boards to help work students work through barriers to their success.


Andrea Stansberry - coaching with Andrea will start the week of October 7th.

Hi, I'm Andrea. You can "meet" me via my introductory video, but the very short version is that I found Sobriety School in the Spring of 2016, while sitting at my computer researching “Do I have a drinking problem?” 

I signed up for the Fall 2017 Sobriety School and that’s when I realized my new life path (sobriety) led me to a new life purpose (coaching.)  I couldn’t get enough of the lectures and Q&A calls! So, I took the next school and the next school after that! I not only wanted to learn everything I could about addiction and recovery, but I also wanted to help other people achieve their own goals in sobriety. Currently, I am both serving Tempest Sobriety School students in the capacity of accountability coach, and I have my own private practice where I work 1:1 as as sobriety coach.

Whitney Combs - coaching with Whitney will begin the week of October 7th.

Hi, I'm Whitney. You can "meet" me via my introductory video, but the very short version is that I had an extremely dysfunctional relationship with alcohol that escalated wildly after my last baby was born. I found myself in a terribly helpless and hopeless place in the fall of 2016. I searched for solutions online and stumbled on Tempest Sobriety School. I took the Winter 2017 school as a student and had my last drink on January 1, 2017. I fell in love with this program, came back for a couple schools in a supportive capacity and  started working here full time in December of 2017. My background is in healthcare and graduate medical education. And, as I prepared to come on board with Tempest, I completed a health coaching certification. My hope is that all of these things come together in a way that helps me to support you on this journey.